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Sustainably sourced, guaranteed low moisture content wood fuel products for domestic and commercial use. Grown and processed in Cumbria. With a range of products available to order online plus our woodland management and machine hire services, we're here to heat your needs. How can we help you?

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  • Why buy kiln dried?

    By Kerry Cooper, 28 September 2015 – 0 comments

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    Here are 20 reasons the team at Lakes Biomass think you should try our kiln dried logs!

    1. Kiln dried (also known as force-dried) logs burn hotter. Kiln drying removes moisture, meaning less energy is needed to burn off water in your fire so more energy converts to heat

    2. In fact, up to twice as much heat can be generated from kiln dried logs with a moisture content below 20% compared to unseasoned logs at 50% plus moisture content

    3. Because of this, burning kiln dried logs is much more efficient

    4. So, fewer trees need to be cut down if we can get more energy out by kiln drying

    5. Kiln

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