Forest Fuels formerly Lakes Biomass

Welcome To Forest Fuels

Are you looking for a biomass or wood fuel supplier? Forest Fuels formerly known as Lakes Biomass, deliver wood chip and wood pellets for biomass boilers throughout Cumbria and the UK.

The logs business is now running separately as Lakes Kiln Dried Logs

Tel: 01229 580555
Control your heating

A wood fuel system offers constant and controllable heat output. We'll keep your store well-stocked and you can effectively monitor your usage, paying only for the heat you use if you wish to.

A cleaner alternative

When our dry wood product is burned efficiently in a well-maintained modern boiler it produces virtually no smoke, versus other, wetter wood fuel products.

Reduce your carbon footprint

We source locally-grown material, process them in a carbon-lean way, and promote sustainability. Choosing our products is a great opportunity to lower net carbon emissions even further.

Improve your green credentials

Promote a good customer perception through the chance to set your business apart by improving and promoting its green credentials.  Find out how to make your environmental work shout out to your customers via the web link below.

Get quality certification

External assessments can confirm standards, such as the Green Tourism Guide, CBEN Green at Heart, or even ISO14001

Incentives & Grants

To encourage more businesses to switch biomass fuel there are a number of grants and incentives on offer. The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is the world’s first long-term financial support programme for renewable heat, launched in 2011. This scheme provides support for renewable heat installations by payments to industry, businesses and public sector organisations, and also some district heating schemes.

Supporting Industry

Whether you're installing a new biomass system or shopping round for a new wood fuel supplier, Lakes Biomass is here to help!

Industry and biomass

Office block managers, hoteliers, factory owners, farmers - we could go on. More and more business and property owners are discovering biomass as a viable alternative fuel supply. It is cheaper, controllable, and more carbon friendly. We like it when industries use us. It means we get to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint and make a real positive impact on the environment.

Typical industries we work with...

Public Sector

Hospitals, schools, offices, sports and leisure centres.

Tourism Sector

Hotels, cafes and restaurants, swimming pools, saunas, visitor attractions, steam production, gyms, holiday parks, camping and caravan sites.

Retail & Industrial Sector

Shops, food production, pharmaceutical manufacturing, brewing, workshops, hairdressers, generation of electricity for use in processes or selling to the power grid.

Agricultural Sector

Hot water and steam generation, animal housing, bird rearing, egg production, grain drying.

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